Posted by: OMS-I | April 23, 2007

Dive Weekend Report: 4/20-22/07

This weekend we were at the Lake Tenkiller State Park dive area (Area D). The staff and some of the students who were also in Cozumel, MX, one month ago were very unhappy about the conditions this past weekend (though they are typical for April).

Surface temperatures (down to approximately 60 feet) were in the mid-50’s (55°-58°F). Below 60 feet the temperature dropped to a frigid 44°F (recorded at 82 feet). Visibility was marginal, and improved significantly once at deeper depths (generally below the thermocline).

Our students did survive and completed all of their skills despite the frigid conditions. Big Daddy’s helped to keep everyone warm and hunger-free with their great food and milkshakes.

Posted by: OMS-I | March 25, 2007

Cozumel 2007 Wrap-up

Everyone had a great time on the trip. On Friday (23rd), our day off from diving, we spent the day touring the island of Cozumel in original VW Bugs. On the east side of the island, everyone spent the afternoon sunning, relaxing and playing volleyball. Once again, the staff/alumni were victorious over the students continuing the undefeated streak. Later that night, we all went to our favorite restaurant on the island for dinner and to see Emilio again before leaving.

All in all, it was a great trip with a great group of divers. We are looking forward to our return in 2009!

Posted by: OMS-I | March 22, 2007

Cozumel Dive Report: 3/22/07

Today was the last day of diving for the week. We had two excellent dives to finish out our trip. We can’t wait to be back with Emilio and Dive Paradise in 2009!

Dive 1: Cedar Pass, 82°F.
Dive 2: La Francesa, 81°F.

Posted by: OMS-I | March 21, 2007

Cozumel Dive Report: 3/21/09

Today was advanced computer dives for a small group of divers and then a night dive for everyone. The divers not on the small boat for the day dives spent the day studying or going into San Miguel and shopping.

Dive 1: Palancar Deep, 82°F, unlimited visibility.
Dive 2: La Francesa, 82°F, unlimited visibility.
Dive 3: Night dive – Paraiso Reef, 81°F, (unlimited visibility).

Posted by: OMS-I | March 20, 2007

Cozumel Dive Report: 3/20/07

Another great day of diving! This time we did a deeper dive first so that our advanced students can have another skill checked off. The first dive of the day was a new area of the reef for most of the divers that have been here in Cozumel with us before.

Dive 1: Palancar Caves, 81°F, unlimited visibility.
Dive 2: Santa Rosa Shallow, 81°F, unlimited visibility.

After the dives, the ORU Marine Ecology students went on a shore walk to find and observe intertidal organisms.

Two of our divemasters went on a night dive to the rubble south of the hotel pier. They had an amazing night dive, saw an amazing variety of sea life, and came back boasting of what they had seen and taken pictures of.

Posted by: OMS-I | March 19, 2007

Cozumel Dive Report: 3/19/07

Today was the first day on the charter boat with our wonderful friend and divemaster Emilio.

Dive 1: Dalila Reef, 82°F, visibility unlimited.
Dive 2: Chancanab Reef, 81°F, visibility unlimited.

Posted by: OMS-I | March 18, 2007

Cozumel Dive Report: 3/18/07

More “shore diving” today! All of our basic students have finished up their skills and everyone is ready to go out on the charter boat tomorrow. Some of our divers did some exploring in the area, and have discovered some interesting areas worthy of further exploration.

Water temperatures are again a pleasant 82°F with unlimited visibility.

A couple of adventurous staff did entries off the pier and loved it, though they do not recommend that just anyone try it. Many divers are getting bottom times (or multiple dives on a single tank) around the pier approaching 1 hour or longer.

Immediately around the pier and entry/exit area, the depth is 10-15 feet with nice walls along the shore. The bottom is a gentle slope out to some nice sea-grass fields several hundred yards away that extend beyond the exploration of our divers. To the south of the hotel is a rubble field which used to be a dolphin habitat enclosure pier that looks to provide a great habitat for a range of sea life. To the north of the pier is sand bottom with scattered coral heads and other debris clusters providing habitats for various fish and other sea life.

Posted by: OMS-I | March 17, 2007

Cozumel Dive Report: 3/17/09

Greeting from Paradise! We arrived earlier today, moved into our rooms, and hit the water.

Today’s goal of completing skills for the dive students and getting familiarized with the “shore diving” at Hotel Barracuda was accomplished.

Water temperature is a balmy 82°F and visibility is unlimited.

3/17/09 Shore Divingphoto: Dan Price

Posted by: OMS-I | October 29, 2006

Dive Weekend Report: 10/27-29/2006

This past weekend was interesting. The trip started off on a sour note and the forecast did not look promising at Area D due to strong winds, choppy waves, and cold weather. Conditions were slightly better at Crappie Point so diving was moved there for Friday and Saturday. Water temperature was a cool 63-66°F throughout the water column with no thermoclines in the water column the entire weekend. Visibility was a murky green 10-20 feet down to about 40-50′ in depth and opened up to about 30-35′ from approximately 60-90′ in depth. On Sunday, conditions at Area D were very similar to Crappie Point though there was a greater abundance of fish (spot, bass, a few trout, white and black catfish, and a few drum) and even one small painted turtle. This was a great weekend to finish off our dive season on even with the poor weather conditions.

We had a range of divers in the water, from basic students through advanced levels. Our staff divers were also working on honing some of their skills during the weekend on special dives they completed.

We are all looking forward to our trip to Cozumel, MX, in March 2007, and hope to see a good number of our students and regulars sign up for the trip before it’s too late.

Posted by: OMS-I | October 1, 2006

Dive Weekend Report: 9/30-10/1/2006

We had a great time certifying students this weekend at Lake Tenkiller. We were at the dive site (Area D) with good conditions all weekend. Water temperature was a mild 70-74°F from the surface to approximately 50′ in depth. There was a minor thermocline from 50-60′ in depth, with a major thermocline of approximately 10°F at 60′ and below for a temperature of 62-64°F. The lowest recorded temperature was 59°F at 94 feet. Visibility remained fairly constant at 10-20′ opening up to 20-40′ below 40′ in depth. Everyone had a great time and is looking forward to the October dive weekend.

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