Posted by: OMS-I | March 14, 2011

Puerto Rico Report: Day 3

Our third day out on the boat was for a twilight and night dive in the bioluminescent bay.  It was a beautiful clear night with light to moderate winds and relaxing ocean swells. Even though the water maintained 81°F after sundown, it felt a little cooler than during the day dives. Visibility for both evening dives was approximately 50-75’.

Our first dive began before sundown for a twilight dive on the first reef with a maximum depth of around 75-80′.

The second dive was a little bit shallower with a maximum depth of approximately 60′.

Both reefs offered divers the opportunity to observe the day to night change in marine life during the two dives. During the twilight dive, divers were able to observe marine life from both the diurnal and nocturnal niches. By the night dive, the transition to nocturnal life had completed. All the divers had a great time and enjoyed the starry ride back to the dock.



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