Posted by: OMS-I | September 19, 2010

Dive Weekend Report: 9/17-19/10

We had a great time diving this weekend, despite the pesky mosquitos. Our group consisted of 13 divers completing basic scuba checkout dives and 3 divers completing specialty certifications (2 for Rescue Diver and 1 for Training Assistant).

The surface temperature was 82°F down to approximately 20′ where the temperature dropped to approximately 80°F. The divers did encounter another thermocline in the water column that gave a bottom temperature of 75° at 94′. Visibility was reported to be 8-10′ throughout the water column.

The divers were able to find the new helicopter that has been placed in the Tenkiller Scuba Park (old Area D boat ramp) and said that it is a great addition to the existing “wrecks” (small boat, bus, and small plane fuselage).

Everyone had a great time and are looking forward to the weekend trip in October (check out our event calendar on our Facebook page or contact the shop for more information).


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