Posted by: OMS-I | July 6, 2010

Lake Tenkiller – July 5, 2010

Three of our CSW staff took the opportunity of the extended holiday weekend to log dive time and enjoy a little underwater relaxation.  They expected conditions similar to those back in May, and were not disappointed given the number of thermoclines throughout the water column.  The divers completed the dives in Pinnacle drysuits with lightweight undergarments, and two of the divers used a technical double-tank configuration for the first two dives.  The first two dives were made in the “scuba park” at the old boat ramp (Area D) and the third dive was made at the platforms at Crappie Point (see below for the specific details of each dive).  There was an unconfirmed rumor that a Tenkiller area dive shop had added a helicopter to the scuba park, but this could not be confimed as the boat and plane were the only two “wrecks” visited (found) during the dive.  Between the second and third dives, the divers took the opportunity to refuel and extend the surface interval by visiting Big Daddy’s for lunch.  They did return to Big Daddy’s after the third dive for the ritual milkshake prior to returning to Tulsa/Collinsville.  All in all, it was a great day and the divers cannot wait until they can return for more diving fun.

Dive 1
Max depth: 108′; Visibility: variable – 3-5′, 7-12′, 10-20′, 10-15′; Surface temp: ~90°F, several thermoclines, Max Depth temp: 58°F.

Dive 2
Max depth: 50′; Visibility: 3-5′, 5-10′; Max Depth temp: 71°F

Dive 3
Max depth: 99′; Visibility: variable – 3-5′, 10-15′, 5-10′; Max Depth temp: 69°F*

*Unsure if this recording is an anomaly. The 2 computers worn by one of the divers both recorded this temperature. Verification among all of the divers is being done. An abnormally high temperature recording at depth may be due to the slow accommodation of the sensors after the extended exposure to warm temperatures during the surface interval.


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