Posted by: OMS-I | March 18, 2007

Cozumel Dive Report: 3/18/07

More “shore diving” today! All of our basic students have finished up their skills and everyone is ready to go out on the charter boat tomorrow. Some of our divers did some exploring in the area, and have discovered some interesting areas worthy of further exploration.

Water temperatures are again a pleasant 82°F with unlimited visibility.

A couple of adventurous staff did entries off the pier and loved it, though they do not recommend that just anyone try it. Many divers are getting bottom times (or multiple dives on a single tank) around the pier approaching 1 hour or longer.

Immediately around the pier and entry/exit area, the depth is 10-15 feet with nice walls along the shore. The bottom is a gentle slope out to some nice sea-grass fields several hundred yards away that extend beyond the exploration of our divers. To the south of the hotel is a rubble field which used to be a dolphin habitat enclosure pier that looks to provide a great habitat for a range of sea life. To the north of the pier is sand bottom with scattered coral heads and other debris clusters providing habitats for various fish and other sea life.


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