Posted by: OMS-I | October 29, 2006

Dive Weekend Report: 10/27-29/2006

This past weekend was interesting. The trip started off on a sour note and the forecast did not look promising at Area D due to strong winds, choppy waves, and cold weather. Conditions were slightly better at Crappie Point so diving was moved there for Friday and Saturday. Water temperature was a cool 63-66°F throughout the water column with no thermoclines in the water column the entire weekend. Visibility was a murky green 10-20 feet down to about 40-50′ in depth and opened up to about 30-35′ from approximately 60-90′ in depth. On Sunday, conditions at Area D were very similar to Crappie Point though there was a greater abundance of fish (spot, bass, a few trout, white and black catfish, and a few drum) and even one small painted turtle. This was a great weekend to finish off our dive season on even with the poor weather conditions.

We had a range of divers in the water, from basic students through advanced levels. Our staff divers were also working on honing some of their skills during the weekend on special dives they completed.

We are all looking forward to our trip to Cozumel, MX, in March 2007, and hope to see a good number of our students and regulars sign up for the trip before it’s too late.


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